Monday, December 22, 2008

"And since we've no place to go..."

The final leg of our wintry journey home began this morning in Kelso.  Southbound I-5 lived up to the hype on the morning news.  Chains on, then off, then back on again for good in Vancouver.  We slid, rattled, and revved our way through the snow and ice in our little CR-V, and the trip that had begun in Tacoma 24 hours before abruptly ended--just 20 feet from our garage.  "The little Honda that could" had finally met its match with the 18+ inches of snow that had piled up in our driveway.

I was so stressed by the driving antics of the other people on the freeway.  One spin-out after another told the story of how dangerous the road conditions truly were.  We lost count of the tow trucks. I tried to imagine all the things that suddenly changed for passengers inside their SUV-turned-missiles that had careened into snowbanks and medians. We had a near-miss of our own.  No other cars, nothing out of the ordinary, but we suddenly found ourselves sliding at an angle down the middle lane of the highway.  It probably was just an instant before we had righted ourselves, but it sure seemed like forever.  Slow down, Kelly. Your family is relying on you to make good choices.

Home now, we've already ventured back out to forage for "necessities" from Safeway. There's a full pot of coffee (this, I can tell you now, will be a common theme in my blog entries), a warm fire in the fireplace, there are friends over for the kids, Nancy's starting a new book, and I have time to ponder the creation of my blog.

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