Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's Go To The Movies!

"And the Oscar goes to"...well, certainly not to me! However, in the spirit of the Academy Awards night, I hereby submit my first attempt at movie-making. Why should my kids have all the fun with iMovie?

Yesterday was another fantastic almost-spring morning. I got out on the bike and went back to Croisan Creek Road in South Salem, this time I brought along my camera. I put it on the "movie" setting and started recording from the top of the hill and kept it going the whole way down. I held the camera down by the handlebars (since steering is a non-negotiable), and tried to stabilize it and keep it pointed forward. I wasn't always successful, but I suppose that makes it look more "authentic." :)

I wanted to capture that sensation you get when you're on a bicycle, rolling forward, moving through space. Honestly it's no different to me now than riding a two-wheeler for the first time...just a lot faster.

Enjoy the ride!


Gary said...

I did enjoy the ride and it felt like the road just kept going on. You captured what you set out to capture.

Jessica said...

Excellent! I especially LOVE your music selection.