Monday, May 24, 2010

It Just Wasn't That Long Ago

I remember this bike trip to the San Juans with our sons.  Gosh, that was four years ago already.  T-Bone wasn’t even driving a car yet, and we were about to send G on a plane, ready to start college 2000 miles away. I just needed a little more father-son time with my boys before that happened. This was one of those moments you know you should frame in your memory, a significant point in time, the kind you’ll come back to again and again.  I suppose that’s what I’m doing right now.

I remember how glad I was to have taken them to the San Juans. Cycling and camping on three different islands gave us lots of opportunities to ride and laugh and play. We indulged in sea kayaking, eating and hanging out at the campfire, and of course riding our bikes. I remember how they both scampered up Mt. Constitution without difficulty. They climbed so fast while I paced myself, watching them disappear up the hill ahead of me. At the top, the view went forever. There were the boys, already looking like kings on the top of their mountain.

Fast forward to the present time, both sons are in college now. One is graduating on Sunday, the other will become a sophomore. Our family will be together for a long weekend, and then the young kings will leave us again for their next great adventures, many miles away. I have to remind myself that these are the days we’ve been waiting for. Time to let them scale their new mountains and become kings, all over again.  

See you at the top, sons.

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