Sunday, June 20, 2010

Go West

I usually have a plan of where to ride before I get on the bike. It’s kind of fun, though, to just create a ride as you go. When you don’t have a specific destination in mind, you’ve already arrived!
Yesterday I wandered in a westward direction, over the Union Street Bridge, pausing long enough to snap a picture. Then it was off to the hills in West Salem, which happens to be where I grew up. It was kind of like coming back to your junior high and wondering why it seemed so humungous at the time. Things take on a different scale and proportion as you get older, I guess.  Those big, long hills from my youth are actually quite small. Hmmm. I tried a section of Doaks Ferry that I'd never thought of riding as a kid.  Yep. Done.
The biggest hills in West Salem are now in my sights. When I need a destination to ride, I'll know exactly where to go this summer.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new look, Kelly. You're doing a great job keeping the blog appealing and up to date.

Good job,