Thursday, July 1, 2010

                                                                         Chemawa Road

“Cyclers see considerable more of this beautiful world 
than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, 
well applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to.”
-- Dr. K. K. Doty of New York, ‘How to Bicycle’, 1892 
Lately my bike has been rolling on Cordon Road on the east side of Salem.  It’s a nice long stretch with a great bike lane on the shoulder. The singular exception being the pinch you feel on the highway overpass...that’s where my inner chicken makes me wait for traffic to pass so I have time and space on my side. It’s a good spot to grab some water and look around, anyhow.
                                                               Cordon Road

Hopping on the bike instead of getting into the car gets me to notice and appreciate the surroundings in a deeper way. I see that the crops are taking shape and growing in the fields along this road. There are the occasional glimpses of Hood and Jefferson in the distance.
Although riding brings its own rewards, the surrounding views ain’t half bad.

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