Sunday, July 18, 2010

STP#3: A Century For The Ages

I laugh thinking about how long it took to compose yesterday's post. I got really sleepy while sitting on a bench at Centralia College at the end of a long hard day of riding and a big ol' plate of spaghetti. The world started spinning pretty quickly after that. I kept falling asleep as my fingers were still typing! There were a few other people right around me. I would imagine that sight drew some pretty good chuckles. I would doze off, then wake up to see that I'd been typing some very interesting jibberish.  Come to think of it, that's probably how some folks would describe all of my posts, so there you go.

You know how there are some days that simply defy all the odds and are unexplainably awesome? Yep, that was today. The cool overcast conditions were ideal for riding.  It actually got a little misty, as if a downpour was thinking about dumping on us, but it was only momentary. The big chainring got a workout as we covered 106 miles; all the way into Stumptown, the bike just zipped along. My best century ever. Yeehaw!

From Castle Rock to Longview, I joined a paceline group that formed behind some powerful riders on a "triple" (think tandem, now add one more rider). We were hauling!  They had tunes blaring from their stereo on the back rack of the bike. The Village People's "YMCA" blared through the countryside while our impromptu peloton laughed and sang along at speeds that approached the sound barrier.

Kudos to the hundreds of folks that make the Seattle-To-Portland 2010 Bike Ride on for everybody to enjoy.  The amount of support volunteers, who all must know how to keep 10,000 riders safe, fed, housed, entertained, hydrated, and celebrated is amazing and highly appreciated. The bike mechanics who volunteer their talents and supplies to keep bikes in good repair were stellar. Thanks especially to the Cascade Bicycle Club for their commitment to make this happen every year.

Update on my good friend Steve-O: In his typical gracious fashion, he called to offer congratulations for successfully completing the ride. He tells me that he is indeed mending from his injuries. When he told me that news, it was a perfect finish to a perfect day of riding. We are both eagerly awaiting our next opportunity for a two-wheeled adventure. Undoubtedly, a headwind will be lying in wait for us when that happens.

Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, we will both be there for the STP 2011.


Jessica said...

Congrats! 200+ miles is quite the amazing accomplishment! Glad you made it and I'm super glad you enjoyed yourself!

Kelly Carlisle said...

Thanks, was really fun. I hope you had takers for those cranberry orange scones (sniff). :)

bikelovejones said...

Late to the party (I must learn how to "follow" better, maybe learn about RSS feeds and stuff) -- Congrats on a super ride! A double century is no small thing -- I've never done one! -- and you're a MONSTAH!