Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's Up With Us Middle Aged Guys And Our Bicycles?

My friend Toe-knee says I’m a MAMIL.
You might be one, too (click on the link).

Just sayin.'


bikelovejones said...

I'd say it depends on how much of your time you spend in lycra.

Interestingly, there's almost NEVER any discussion of middle-aged crises for women. Why is that? (NOT a rhetorical question, as I seem to be having one of my own these days...)

Kelly Carlisle said...

Well, I've always felt that crises are best when they're spread around, so I tell you what...let's be mid-life crisis buddies!
Hey, I feel better already!
PS I might be up your way on Friday if you have any time for a cup o' joe.