Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You've Got Mail!

Another personal milestone happened yesterday.  An AARP card with my name on it came in the mail.  Mrs. C caught it first, and had a little fun with the whole idea.  Then she chuckled and handed the card to me. Yep, there it was. My name. On an AARP card.
Disbelief set in rather quickly.  I just sat there, staring at the card and the letter. Not so much because it was a profound moment, more so because the words were so blurry.  Once I got my reading glasses, problem solved. 
Now, most of us know what AARP stands for, and we’d understand why it’s a bit daunting the first time you’re told you get to be “on the team.”  Geez, I guess it’s sort of a lifetime membership at this point. But it’s kind of goofy to me that nowhere on the card, and nowhere on anything in the whole mailer, do they tell you what those four letters stand for. Maybe there’s a reason they don’t say, so I won’t ruin their little secret here.  If I divulged it here, the readership from this blog could bust their whole thing wide open.
After reading that for 16 bucks I can get a cool travel bag with big AARP letters (big enough that glasses aren’t necessary), and that I’d get lots of discounts at restaurants and eyeglass stores and stuff, I’m thinking about joining.  When Mrs. C heard me say that, she reacted pretty strongly.  “No you’re NOT!” You’d think I was changing political parties or honey, that was two years ago! I don’t think she’s ready to be married to a card-carrying member just quite yet. Anyway, who's chuckling now?
So, we’re at an impasse. I vote yes, she votes no, not yet. I’m going out for a run to think it over while I crank up the volume on the ipod. I can always count on Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett to help get me over the hill...


bikelovejones said...

Tell Mrs. C that here is nothing wrong with finally getting any and all discounts and other considerations that your time on earth has rightfully earned you (as long as the membership fees aren't too steep). But I imagine it's still surreal. I'll let you know how it feels when it's my turn in a couple of years. (Yikes.)

Yvonne said...

There's no explanation for the letters because, officially, they no longer stand for words. The organization officially changed its name to AARP to disassociate from the stigma that it is an "old-people group" as well as clarify that it is no longer only for retirees.

That said, I don't think the change has had much success in not totally freaking out people that they are, in fact, old enough for membership. :)

Kelly Carlisle said...

Thanks, Beth and Yvonne...I will try to stay amused at each new season of life and the new challenges and opportunities that come along. Whenever I do finally get that membership card from the four-letters-which-no-longer-mean-anything-in-particular organization, the first round of discounted coffees are on me.

The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said...

Grab the discounts and run! Run fast and hard! If I could get a card, I would totally use it with a big ol' smile on my face. Getting a discount just 'cause you're a little older? WOOHOO!

TimandCeri said...

Association of

Whats not to like?!? :)