Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Forgive me if I sound a little preachy today.  I’m just really broken-hearted for one of my dear young friends, Emily. She was to be married on the 18th of this month to a wonderful young man, Sam.  Yesterday, less than two weeks before their wedding, Sam was killed in a car accident. A wonderful and promising life together, ended by a driver who was allegedly too drunk to stay on his side of the road. It’s devastating to think about the loss that is felt, by Emily, by the families, the friends, the church they attended, everybody.
Sam.  You know, my big regret is not taking more opportunity to really know him during the times we were in the same room.  I missed out.  What I know is that he was a very talented musician, he loved worship, was a great youth leader, and he was crazy about his wife to be. The church he was involved with had a service last night, just to be together and sing the songs he would have been singing with them.  I also know that he took more interest in learning other people’s stories rather than telling his. That’s special.
In the midst of the heartache everyone is feeling, there is a strong, clear current of love and grace. The kind that can only be explained in the context of a faith. This is what will get them all through...the sharing, praying, loving, and singing even while it hurts so bad.  I’m pretty certain that’s how Sam would see it, too.  The God that we have so many big questions of right now, is the very same God that Sam loved so much. And is the very same God that is giving strength sufficient for these hard, hard days.
Prayers for Emily, for her family, for Sam’s family, and for their church. Thanks be to God for this wonderful young man and the reach he had with so many other lives.


bikelovejones said...

Bracing and powerful. A reminder that, in most faith traditions, along with a faith practice comes a loving community. Thank you for sharing this.

Kelly Carlisle said...

Thanks Beth. Absolutely agreed! Isn't it amazing how often the only thing that can truly heal our hurts is...love?

Jessica said...

How devistating. I can't think of anything sufficient to say, but that I'll be praying for Sam's family and especially for Emily.

Kelly Carlisle said...

Prayer is wonderful! Exactly what is keeping Emily and the family going! Thank you!

Marilynn said...

Well said Kelly! So very sad! We are praying for Emily, her family, and Sam's family.
It is a blessing for all to know that God is right there with them giving them strength and courage.