Saturday, September 4, 2010

To My Friends Who Are Driving...And Riding

Drivers: sharing the road with bikes means:
1. Giving me about three feet of space as you pass beside me on my bike.
2. Knowing I'm going faster on my bike than you think.
3. Looking for me in your mirrors, and remembering your "blind spots."
4. Stopping before your bumper crosses into the bike lane at an intersection.
5. Leaving the horn alone unless it's absolutely necessary. Loud startling noises can initiate accidents.
6. Slowing for a few seconds for me to get out of the way of the turn you want to make.
7. Leaving your phone alone.
8. Waving and smiling--not having a tantrum--when either of us makes a mistake.
9. Using your mirrors for driving, not for doing your hair and make-up.
10. Not even THINKING about driving if you've been drinking or taking drugs.
Please remember, when you got your license, you promised you'd do these things.
Thank You.

Cyclists: sharing the road with cars means:
1. Not assuming I can see you on your bike while I'm driving.
2. Remembering vehicles need quite a bit of braking distance.
3. Staying in the bike lane when you have one.
4. Watching my blinkers and other behaviors for possible turns into your lane.
5. Not giving me the one-finger salute when I make a mistake.
6. Remembering that some drivers don't care who's right or wrong, and in a battle between cars and bikes, the heaviest object usually wins.
7. Leaving your phone alone.
8. Wearing your helmet when you're on the road.
9. Observing traffic laws just like motorists have to.
10. Not even THINKING about riding your bike on the road if you've been drinking or taking drugs.
Please remember, sharing the road means that cyclists have responsibilities, not just rights.
Thank you.

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bikelovejones said...

And cyclists -- don't forget that dressing all in black may be a cool fashion statement, but out on the road you're likely to get smacked. Wear some COLOR!