Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two-Wheelin' T-Bone

Found a few more old photos worth sharing. Also from 1996. 

They feature T-Bone, now a college man, back when he was a small fry. The picture on the right was that first magical moment of riding on two wheels all by his big boy self. Mom asked him to wear the knee pads, just in case.

Just like that day on the bicycle, he continues to pursue a life of balance, momentum, freedom, and joy.  Without the knee pads.

Go get 'em, son.


Carrie said...

Now THAT's how your kids still look like to me in my brain! And they were such great kids! So wonderful to see that they are still great and doing well!

bikelovejones said...

As someone who found you only many years later, I am still scratching my head a little at the thought that you have THREE. Grown. Children. Yikes.

You are I grew up in an era where the only helmets and knee pads worn were to be found at BMX races, and THEN only if they were at a regulated track.
(Amazing we made it to adulthood, huh?)

Kelly Carlisle said...

Carrie--thanks for commenting. Yep, they're all doing really well. I'll keep blogging about them, so stay tuned!
Beth--it is pretty amazing we survived dangerous cribs, no car seats, no helmets, geez. We're like superheroes! And yes, it breaks my heart looking back at how fast those kiddos grew up. Mrs. C and I are learning that having adult children is really cool, though, and the roles have definitely morphed with the two oldest.