Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best Breakfast: Word Of Mouth Bistro

People have their favorite spots to go for breakfast. I’ve found mine...Word Of Mouth Bistro in Salem. Three reasons:
  1. In addition to their popular egg dishes, there’s also several choices for folks like me, who need egg-free options. Try their hash...shut. up.
  2. I dare you to act nonchalant when you see the size of the toast they bring you.
  3. The coffee.  They serve Tico’s, which is roasted in nearby Stayton and is some of the best I’ve ever had.

Plan on waiting for a table; bring a newspaper or just strike up a conversation with somebody else in line.

If there are any other spots in Salem with breakfasts this good, I don’t know about them. So for now, this one’s tops.

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Troy Olson said...

We really only have four places we ever eat breakfast in Salem -- Word of Mouth now heads the list (seriously, nothing is better than the "Plate of Love"). Also like Sassy Onion, who has awesome French Toast, and Busick Court, where I go for the biscuits and gravy or the pancakes. Of course there is also Original Pancake House, where I can get myself a Dutch Baby.

But yes, even if all the places do have good food, good coffee at a restaurant is all too hard to get, as you typically see "food services" coffees (Boyds and the like). So having Tico's kind of puts Word of Mouth over the top for me.

Did I mention I love breakfast?