Monday, November 15, 2010

The Love Connection

I mentioned in a recent post that Mrs C came from Sandpoint, Idaho. Ever been there? If so, you’re probably picturing the view as you enter town on the long bridge that crosses over the impressive Lake Pend Oreille.  Maybe you’re recalling Schweitzer Mountain, offering some outstanding winter recreation just outside of town. For me, I truly enjoy the scenery, but mostly I picture the people I’ve gotten to know there over the years.

My first visit to Sandpoint was in 1980, just months after the future Mrs C and I started seeing each other in college. It was my first time meeting her family...and family friends. From that point on, each successive visit introduced me to more of the wonderful people who have been so influential in Mrs C’s life.

One of the first all-time greats I met in Sandpoint was Marianne Love, her former teacher, advisor, and friend.  Just last week I heard from Marianne; she has always been a fantastic writer and keeps a very active and interesting blog.  As a teacher Marianne had great insight and interest in the lives of her students, and still carries that interest forward today.  I’ve heard a few stories from Mrs C about “M Love” and the dance team, yearbook, and general high school favorite story has to do with a bus trip, a flag pole, and an uber-large brassiere. You can fill in the spaces to create your own rendition from there. You get a glimpse of Mrs C’s mischievous side when she tells that story.

Marianne’s blog keeps a finger on the pulse of North Idaho life, in a very interesting and energetic style. She gives readers a very good sense of the people who make up this community. I’ll be adding a link to "Slight Detour" from my page in case you’re interested in clicking there occasionally.
We all should be so fortunate to have had teachers who made a significant impact on our lives. It’s clear that Marianne Love certainly did...and still does.


Jessica said...

I'm glad to count myself among those fortunate enough to have had several amazing teachers who made an impact in my life.

MLove said...

Thank you, Kelly, for your kind words.

I'm so glad we've reconnected and can keep a pulse on our mutual families and day-to-day wanderings.

Your blog has been a wonderful discovery and now occupies my "Surf Internet--Drink Coffee" segment each morning.