Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning

There were so many things about last week that were just plain ominous, complicated, messy. When your brain and your schedule are on hyperdrive, you can process several things that seem to be unconnected, but by Friday they were starting to all blur together.  The economy, our community, school funding, the election, my family, student achievement, work, church, all things worth caring a lot about.
Now that it’s Saturday morning, there’s finally a bit of time to reflect.  Time to step away from the urgency and pace of a hard week, and do some mental processing. Some folks do this in total quiet and stillness.  Some of us, however, need a little activity, a diversion of some kind, a detour off the usual path, in order to do our best thinking.  A morning cup of coffee, a bike ride to who-knows-where, taking a few pictures of fall colors, a nap.

Coffee...done. Time now to click in and ride.


bikelovejones said...

Everyone ought to schedule weekly downtime for their brains and hearts.
In some traditions it's a requirement. In any case, it's a sensible thing to do.

Tomorrow I have a cross race.

Today Sweetie and I are hunkering down at home with French roast, hot soup for lunch and birdwatching from our front window. Wool slippers are, of course, standard equipment.

Downtime. Maybe it should be the law of the land for everyone.

Enjoy your coffee!

Jessica said...

Sounds like we had similar weeks. I however am still waiting for my cup of coffee... Tomorrow morning for sure.