Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Visions

My New Year’s resolution to stay on that diet will only hold until that next batch of oatmeal scotchies comes out of the oven. So, come January 2, I'm toast. If you’re like me, you might want to skip the resolutions and replace ‘em with some mental pictures.

Instead of talking about eating less and exercising more -a strategy that only works some of the time- I am imagining myself riding with a group, climbing up a hill, and passing all the other riders. Lighter, stronger, faster.  That gives me something I’m willing to work to achieve.
These “pictures” will help me to continue a focus on my family and my personal health and fitness, things that needed reprioritizing recently. Here are my mental pictures for the new year:
Hiking a forest trail with Mrs. C, listening to her ideas about the world.
Being G’s accompanist while he’s home this summer.
Working out with T-Bone during any moment we happen to be within the same zip code.
Sitting in the passenger seat while Nat becomes a driver. Yikes!
Pushing 30 mph, right off of Steve-O’s back wheel. This is your comeback year, baby.
Pushing 30 mph, right off of Pablo’s back wheel.  Welcome to road cycling mania, brutha.
Stepping across the finish line of my first triathlon.
Pushing a monster hill, staying on the big chainring, not out of breath.
Okay, that last one was a stretch.  But that's the point.  Now let's get after it.


bikelovejones said...

You forgot one: You're gonna come up to pdx for a Team Slow playdate-in-the-dirt at Gateway Green this spring and learn how to ride all BMX-like.

Kelly Carlisle said...

YES!!! That would be a blast.

Anonymous said...

The visualization idea is a great one Kelly! I have found that I think in pictures, so even for every-day tasks like remembering what groceries to pick up at the store, making a mental image of them is the only thing that works to "implant" them into my memory.

This technique has pretty exciting possibilities when applied to meaningful goals (rather than just grocery lists:-)

Great post, and may you achieve every one of those 2011 pictures!