Sunday, December 19, 2010

Early Sunday Morning

Ahhh....Sunday morning, pre-dawn. Since I’ve lost the art of sleeping late on weekends, I’ve learned to relish this quiet time.  So before today’s road trip to be with relatives, before the pies go into the oven, or the house begins to stir with the energy of the teens and twenty-somethings home on break, I have this moment to pour a cup of coffee and quietly ponder the things going on in the world.
Which I’ll do just as soon as I finish chopping the apples and crushing the mint candies for the pies we’re taking today. This, for me, is a happy task. I get to be helpful to Mrs C--a piemaker extraordinaire--and enjoy eating a slice later today.  Win-win.
Well, that was time well spent, and Mrs. C is always up for a great conversation.  But she’s ready to move on to the next steps, and won’t need my help again for a little while. So back to pondering and coffee. 
Right after I return from the store, that is, because we’re apparently out of nutmeg. You can’t eat a slice of pie later on in the day if the piemaker extraordinaire doesn’t have nutmeg in the morning.
Okay. Now that I’m back, I’m going to have to shorten the pondering because it’s now 7 am and we need to be on the road by 9. many things to ponder.  Where to start...
What’s that I hear?  Kids’ voices already? Conversations out in the kitchen? They’re only home for a little while, and I want to take every advantage of the time we have with them.
Pondering, you’re on reprieve for now.  Coffee cup, come along with me.


bikelovejones said...

Pie? Did someone say PIE?
And you live with the piemaker?


('scuse me)

You are a lucky fellow indeed.
Enjoy your coffee, AND all the rest.

MLove said...

Well, Loblollylove, as he's known in geocaching, was sent to the store Saturday for cinnamon and baking soda. Not for pies, mind you, but for cookie baking.

Be glad you have good pie bakers; around this house Cyrus O'Leary does the honors.

Nonetheless, I'm bettin' husbands all around have been sent on errands lately to pick up new supplies of those cupboard ingredients that seemingly never run out until we in the kitchen least expect it.