Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Coffee Cup

Mrs C and I visited Create A Memory downtown to pick up a couple of creations our kids had made as gifts over the winter break. Walking inside makes you want to sit down immediately and start painting something. I’ve been to similar shops elsewhere, and loved burrowing deep into my own crazy universe of creativity. This is a cool, organized, fun little shop and I’ll plan a return trip soon. Maybe I'll work on something for Mrs C for Valentine's Day.
Anyway, one of the items was a gift from T-Bone for me. It is, as he described it, “the mack-daddy of all coffee mugs.”

This cup is perfectly sized for soup or ramen, or a whole weekend’s worth of coffee if you fill it all the way up. And it’s the only one like it in the world, made by my son, just for his dad.

That’s why, of all the cups in the cupboard, this will be the one I reach for first.


Jessica said...

We also have many of these hand painted cups in our kitchen. I love the painting places! These are the cups Eric uses the most as well, which makes me feel good. (It may be that he uses them becuase they're the biggest though... LOL!)Enjoy your bucket-o-coffee!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool mug Kelly! Especially cool since it is from your son. I think I may know where my birthday gift is coming from. Do you know if they stand up to the microwave?

Kelly Carlisle said...

J: I'm guessing Eric would say that everything tastes better in one of these cups!
D: I just called the store to find out the answer to your question...yes, they are microwave AND dishwasher safe!