Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Dessert

I really would like to get lighter for riding this spring. 

My biggest problem is my tendency to graze after dinner. My brain tries to convince the rest of my body that I’m still hungry, so even though I’ve eaten enough at dinner time, I go find more stuff to eat. Sometimes I can resist the urge, other times not so much. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone!
One possible remedy: food that imitates food.  You know those little “why bother” items you can pick up at the store...fat free, sugar free, you read the nutrition labels and everything says “zero.”  There's apparently no food value in these things, and I don't make a habit of eating them, but they actually do a nice job when I’m in a pinch.
Here’s a night-time creation borne out of just such a necessity.
You take some “why bother” chocolate pudding, add some “why bother” non-dairy whip (you probably don’t want to read the me), and a handful of peanuts (the real kind will do). 
Layer them just like they do at the local soft-serve place.  It’s not an identical taste, but you know, it’s actually pretty good! And only 100 calories instead of 700 for the real thing.
I call this, “Peanut Bluster Par-faux.


Tina said...

I thought you were allergic to peanuts? Or just everything else?

Troy Olson said...

Man, this sounds awesome. I'm giving this a try.

Jessica said...

Tina, peanuts aren't actually a nut, they're a bean or something like that...
I have to admit that does look better than the green smoothy you tried to pawn off on us a few blogs ago! LOL! I have the same issue after dinner. Usually after the kids go down and Eric goes to work and I'm just up alone... with nobody to watch my eating habits... it's not a pretty situation sometimes. ; )

Tricia said...

My latest dessert is "why bother" carmel corn (they are just rice cakes). I will remember this when I get tired of those :)

Kelly Carlisle said...

Thanks y'all for um... "weighing in." :)