Friday, March 25, 2011

Visiting That Other Capital

Mrs. C and I took Nat on a trip to Washington DC on Spring Break. During the trip, G was able to join us for almost 24 hours during a trip of his own.

This was Nat’s first time visiting Washington. First destination on her "DC Bucket List:" Georgetown Cupcakes (aka the site for the cable show “DC Cupcakes.”) 

Yes, these cupcakes really do deserve their own cable show.  They're that good. Apparently, Nat is not the only person who knows about this TV phenomenon. The waiting line was never shorter than 30 minutes out the door!
I noticed that there were lots of folks on bikes, sharing crowded streets with impatient traffic. Despite the very tight clearances and narrow lanes, everybody seemed to be staying alive. Renting bikes was an option, but it felt risky. Besides, we were visiting spots where we’d have to leave the bikes unattended, so we hoofed it instead. That sort of helped to burn off the cupcakes we devoured.

If you like to walk, Washington DC is a really great city to visit. Everything is quite close in proximity, but you still have to get from place to place. There are just so many places! So plan to walk a lot when you’re there! 

The picture above is the National Cathedral, a good walk straight uphill from Georgetown. It is beautiful.

One of my favorite new spots in the middle of it all, literally, is the World War II Memorial that was completed in 2004. It’s very close to the Washington Monument in the National Mall. 

Those of us with Milwaukie connections should recall that in 2000, MHS students donated $10,000 to this memorial. The school was honored with an invitation to have three students come to the White House for an honorary reception for the major donors. We met then President Clinton, Senator Robert Dole, and several other dignitaries in the White House on that occasion.  
This is my third time to DC since the WWII Veterans Memorial has been completed, and each time I see something there that I missed before. It is a very interactive place, inviting the visitor to walk around and view it from several angles. 

Knowing that the students of Milwaukie High worked so hard to raise money and give one of the largest school-based donations to this cause, and knowing their history of honoring veterans and listening to their stories, this memorial is special. I’m so proud to have been a teacher and an administrator there for so much of my career, for so many reasons. That school, its staff, and the students there still have a big chunk of my heart. Life moves us all forward, doesn't it?  And places such as this help to move important memories forward with us.
The camera seemed to really like this spot. Please click to enlarge!


TimandCeri said...

I am so glad you were at MHS too! Many lives were changed because of it. It is sad that the MHS chapter of your life is over. It's odd to think your not there now. I am glad you got to see this and have such an awesome memory of today, and yesterday.

TimandCeri said...

Oh and SOOO Jealous that you got a DC cup cake. You forgot to mention if you had coffee with it and what flavor you got. :)

Kelly Carlisle said...

Hi Ceri!
Yes, so many good things from those years. And yes, those cupcakes were amazing. My favorite: Carrot. Sort of spice-cake with cream cheese frosting. Coffee: of course! And because we walked over 10 miles each day, I'm pretty sure we earned those calories!

Jessica said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics! Sounds like a fabulous time. And you're lookin' quite skinny now! Way to go!

MLove said...

Thanks for sharing, Kelly. Nice to go someplace so beautiful where you played a role; definitely something your students will take pride in for the rest of their lives.

Nice photos.