Sunday, April 3, 2011


Man, I love April. Blue sky, then heavy rain against a backdrop of glaring sunshine, then more blue sky. All in less than fifteen minutes! It's just nice to feel like we've turned a corner from the relentless gray, dull rain we've experienced for so long. Spring has indeed, finally, sprung. Trees are waking up, some colorful blooms are popping open, and yes, a little bit of blue sky between the showers.  I'll take it. 

Yesterday’s morning ride out to my folks’ house in West Salem gave me the opportunity to do some climbing while the sun and rain took their turns overhead. Most of this ride is downright pleasurable, although I’ve learned to keep my wits about me along that lower stretch of Wallace Road. That’s an intense area for riding because of all the ways cars come at you, at a pretty fast clip.
Once you head away from that congestion, however, the hills and views in West Salem are worth the effort.  I rode hard up these hills, knowing that Dad’s pancakes would be the reward after the climbing I had to do. My family arrived by car just as I pulled up on my bike. T-Bone is home for a few days, and it was good for his grandparents to see him and find out the latest on college and of course his love life. We stayed and ate and visited a while with Mom and Dad, then back into the schizophrenic weather. Rain, hard sun, drizzle, etc.
Another reward during yesterday’s ride was seeing the cherry blossoms down at the Capitol. They were putting on quite the oh-my-goodness show for folks who were visiting and strolling along the grounds. The strong sweet smell of daphne would crowd its way into the senses occasionally, an intoxicating aroma that is associated with spring and sunshine. This is one of the best times of the year to come down to the Capitol, or some other place loaded with blossoms right now, and take some pictures, and walk around a bit.
If it’s raining, just wait a few minutes.  Remember, we’re in April now.


Jessica said...

That last picture is breath taking! I hope you blow it up to at least an 11x15 and frame it! While I agree that April is beautiful, what with the pretty flowers and trees and all, I don't love it like you do. My allgergies make me miserable for about a month starting a few days ago. Allergy meds are the only way I stay remotely functionable and for that I'm SO thankful. I hope to get out and "shoot" April real soon!

Kelly Carlisle said...

Hey, thanks for liking some of my pictures! It was interesting watching people there yesterday. It was impossible for them to not go down that walkway underneath all those blossoms.
Sorry about the allergy stuff. I don't know what happened to me, but I seemed to have moved from one extreme to the other.
Looking forward to seeing your next photographic talents on your blog!