Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Note: Some may think that puns have no connection to bikes or coffee.  Not true! Ask anyone who's ridden bikes or had coffee with me. Puns pair well with either. To that end, I humbly offer you this post, inspired by this piece of rope that a colleague found on the beach, and then thought of a pun, and then thought of me.

A foot-long piece of rope sneaks into a bar, hops up onto the bar stool and exclaims to the bartender: “I’d like a beer, please!”
The bartender looks down at him and says, “we don’t serve ropes in git on outta here.”
The rope leaves, and tries the same thing a half-hour later.  He hops up onto the bar stool, and in a deeper voice says, “I’d like a beer, please!”
The bartender raises his voice at the little rope and said, “I TOLD you, we don’t SERVE ropes. Git outta here and don’t bother comin' back!”
The rope scampers back outside, this time with a better plan. Out in the parking lot, he rubs his head against the side of the building until his hair is all frizzy, and ties himself into a knot.
The rope walks calmly to the bar stool, climbs up, and in a low baritone voice says, “I would like a beer, bartender.”
The bartender peers down at the rope. He says, “Aren’t you that rope I ran outta here already?”
The rope replies, “Nope! I’m a frayed knot!” 


TimandCeri said...

I miss this!!!

Jessica said...

I can't even believe I read that whole thing. It's like a traffic accident... you just can't help but look. I knew what was going to happen and I continued to read. LOL!

Tricia said...

Har har.

bikelovejones said...


..::shakes head and grins::..

I'm just a sucker for these things.

Salem Tri Team said...

dear frayed knot:

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