Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Got a coffee date coming up?  Riding bikes with a friend this weekend? No worries...I've got yet another pun for you to share.

Mr. Potato Head didn't become a celebrity by accident. His parents had it all planned from the very beginning.  The best schools, the most prestigious clubs, lots of planned media attention, his own cable tv show, the works.  Well, as Mr. Potato Head grew up, his parents grew more anxious. Who would he choose to marry?  Would she meet their high expectations?  Would she be able to become the kind of celebrity that he was destined to be?  They lost many nights of sleep wondering.  Waiting.  Hoping.

One day, young Mr. Potato Head returned from college with great news.  He'd met somebody, and had proposed her on the spot!  The parents were so excited, just sure that he had found a movie star, or a well-heeled socialite. Expecting to hear great news, they asked who she was.

A smile came across his face as he told them her name, "Katie Couric!"

His parents were stunned.

His father finally broke the silence.

"I'm sorry son, but you simply cannot marry Katie Couric.  She's just a common tater."



The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said...

Aaaaaaaahhhh! That was punny!

Jessica said...

This one is just not very a peeling to me. ; )

RCMC467 said...


Kelly Carlisle said...

I've loved puns ever since I was a small fry :)