Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Sweet Evening Ride

With the long week finally winding down,  Mrs. C suggested we get outdoors for a little recreation together. She and I spent our Friday evening on our bicycles, out south of Salem along the farms, where we had the quiet roads completely to ourselves. For much of the ride we rode side by side, able to converse without competing with the noise from as much as a single car.
This valley is special. The sweet, dense evening air is intoxicating this time of year. We rode past fields where the smell of cut hay lingers after being cut, baled, and carted away.  This summer’s bumper crop of blackberries are hanging ripe on the vines, their scent a treat for the senses.
All sorts of birds and critters are showing up again at the refuge; in the brief time we stopped at the marsh, we saw egrets, heron, geese, and ducks. A pair of beaver were swimming and sunning on the shore just across the water. Time to bring the big camera back there, I suppose.
A short ride, a slow pace, and a delightful way to usher in the weekend.


Jessica said...

People tell me that I should enjoy these days when my children are young, but sometimes I can't help but long for a day like you describe here. Where you get to spend it with your spouse, doing something you love... alone... together.

Kelly Carlisle said...

Well, every season of life is different, isn't it? Think back to your lives before you had was so simple! Now, not so much!!!
Before you know it, your boys will have their own lives and they'll be on their way. Literally, we had all of our kids together for only one afternoon this whole summer. That's taken some adjustment!