Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Go Vest Young Man...

As a novice runner, I’ve wondered if I would ever reach that level of coolness, image, and status deserving of the flourescent/reflective vest. Not just anybody can handle the responsibility of this kind of running garb. It takes a certain attitude, a commitment, an agreement with the universe to wear anything that combines highlighter-pen green with a variety of reflectors that dance with every light that points my way. I must face the facts, when I wear the vest, I'm a light show.
Yes, I’m now THAT guy on the side of the neighborhood street, the envy of every passing motorist in the pre-dawn darkness. Undeniable coolness in motion. I may still be a novice, but dang I'm attractive!

1 comment:

Troy Olson said...

Nope, I can't do the vest. I refuse. I've thought about it and decided I'd rather just get hit by a car and look cool doing it :)