Monday, March 29, 2010

Reason to Ride Salem #8: The Q.I. Factor

When you're riding in a new place, you tend to look for those unique spots that make your visit memorable. For that very reason, I bring you Salem’s Q.I., aka “Quirky Intersections.”

Single street names around here are no more unusual than any other city, but the combination of two streets, well, that’s an entirely different story! Salem rises to the top of the “are you kidding me?” list. Bring your camera along, and post a picture of yourself at some of these unforgettable places in Salem:

Where else could you possibly be seen standing at the intersection of Church and State? And yes, this real-life intersection is flanked by a church on one corner, and state buildings on two other corners.

You could send your accountant a picture of you standing at the corner of Capitol and Gaines.

Or your attorney might like one at High and Court.

For any Divas out there: it’s true--you can take Front and Center (ironically, it’s under a bridge).

Do you run a home business? How about Cottage and Trade?

Evangelists, be seen at Church and Mission. Televangelists, you can go to Church and Market.

There are more, but I think you get the idea...have some fun with our street map and snap off some pics while you’re here.

Other quirky factoids and possible photo-ops in the Cherry City:

Did you know Salem is the home of the official state dirt? That reddish clay that’s the pride of all the wineries...yep, that’s “the” dirt! (By the way, my neighbor happened to be in the legislative sessions when the various dirt interests had heated debates over it all. I guess some people behaved like real clods.)

I'm not sure what to make of this: a major crop on our north side is hops, while on the south, it's grapes. Hmmm...

Take a quick spin down the only dedicated Soap Box track on the west coast! Here in Salem we love our soap boxes. :)

You could have your picture taken in front of world’s largest collection of carousel horses. Please, for your own sake, remove your helmet first.

You could go to Willamette Mission Park and find the world's largest living cottonwood tree. Of course, there are other trees around town that are more poplar.

Go to the corner of Summer and Union and get your picture taken in front of Waldo Park, the world’s second smallest. Don’t worry Portland, you have the smallest, in case you were about to become jealous.


Jessica said...

Okay, it's decided. We must bring the bikes when we come down this summer.

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Gary said...

Last time I was in Salem I was struck by being at the corner of Church and State. Thanks for identifying the other intersection names. I'll look for them next time.