Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recommended Clicks

In the quest to reach the end of the internet, you run across some really great stuff people have shared online. I'll recommend links to other folks' work that relate to this blog, which is turning out to be mostly about cycling, occasionally about coffee. :)

I'm a big fan of Grant McOmie. He has this "aw shucks" approach that has always drawn me in to whatever story he wants to tell about things in the Pacific Northwest. His recent piece on the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway was especially good at capturing the cycling phenomenon in this area. Pay special attention to how much information he packs into a short clip. He mentions Ride Oregon Ride, the Oregon Scenic Bikeway Project, Olson's Bike Shop in Forest Grove, and a special reference to Team in Training, a wonderful way to add purpose to your pedals. While you're clicking, check out the Travel Oregon Blog. It has a pretty impressive group of writers, topics, and video clips.

Hats off to Grant McOmie for yet another A+ effort.

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