Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yea, Though I Ride In The Valley Of Hay Fever

Look at all the pretty yellow on the hillside. That’s called “scotch broom.” The latin name is sneezimus wheezimus.  It makes lots of folks have watery eyes, runny noses, and scratchy throats. This stuff is nasty, and it’s in full regalia right now. Cyclists get a full dose of this stuff, and Lord have mercy on those with allergies.  
A non-native species, it is slowly and persistently staking its claim along the hillsides all through the valley. The seeds like to hitchhike on the soles of people’s shoes, vehicle tires, etc.  Apparently the birds and the ants are conspiring to spread the seeds around as well.  Once the seeds sprout, up pops another stubborn plant. Sure, it’s pretty to look at and all, but I don’t know too many folks who wouldn’t be happy to see it gone.  Today.
So how did scotch broom get here?  You guessed it, it was those darned European settlers. I think we should send all the Europeans home, and they can take all the scotch broom with them.   :)   Truth is, this valley is not an easy place if you've got allergies to pollens and such. So much grass, hay, you name it, it grows well here.  We get a lot of practice saying "gehzundheit" to each other.
I’m not sure why I’m not sneezing more than I am right now.  This stuff used to do be my kryptonite when I was a kid.  I could lose days of playing outside when this stuff was in bloom.  Maybe I'm just not as sensitive as I used to be.

That could be open to several interpretations.


Carlisle said...

I remember very well the days when you were a kid! Very happy that you are not sneezing as much!:) Love, Mom

Jessica said...

First, kudos on your spelling of "gehzundheit"!

Second, I'm pretty sure you're a decentant of some of those European settlers! LOL!

Third, I don't think this stuff is that pretty to look at, so why don't we just get an industrial sprayer full of Round-up and rid the world of the stuff? Gasoline and a match works too, I'm not picky! HA!

tinacolada97 said...

someone told me once that Willamette was the Native American name for "valley of sickness"

Kelly Carlisle said...

Tina, I heard the same thing once. Maybe I'll need to research that for another posting.
I like Jessica's gasoline suggestion...just give me a little advanced notice before you strike the match.
Mom, you're the best mom anybody could ever have. I'm sorry for all the snot.
Thanks for reading!