Saturday, June 12, 2010

Graduate From High School, Then Ride Across America

The teacher leaned my way and asked, “Did you read the article in the paper  today about the kid that’s riding his bike across the United States?”
“Yeah, that’s amazing!”
“You just shook his hand.”
Actually, I got to hand this kid his diploma at high school graduation.  My work is all about high schools and this is one of the fantastic perks.  Anyway, Jordan was already back at his seat by the time I learned who he was.  I’d just read about the trip earlier in the day.
Jordan Gardner graduated last night from Sprague High School, having taken a brief pit stop from the cross-country bike trek he recently began.  He and his dad, along with a few other riders, began their ride earlier this month in Astoria, Oregon.  The ride is for cancer awareness and research, in honor of Jordan’s dad’s friend Dr. Jim Popp, who died of cancer in 2007.

So these guys have already pretty much devoured Oregon.  They’re blogging, sharing some really great photos, and of course, seeking donations.  I’d suggest you follow the trip this summer, and be inspired. Think of your own friends and family who are or were affected by cancer.  Then be proud of a kid who’s wanting to spend some time with his dad and make a difference.
This graduate is on his way.  Go get 'em, Jordan.

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