Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally, A Number Worth Sharing

I’ve purposefully avoided sharing any progress on my challenge of losing weight. At least not until there was something worth talking about. The last time I mentioned anything was when Mrs. C brought that evil new digital scale into our home. Yes, the one that put me up 8 pounds from where the old scale said I was. Yeesh.  Well, I’m here to say things have improved over time.  Thank goodness.

They say you should really only weigh yourself once a week, but I weigh myself like folks in Chicago vote: early and often! I noticed I have a little pattern going.  Lose a few pounds over the weekdays, find one or two and bring ‘em home on the weekend.  The net result has been that every week, I’m a pound or two lighter.
I'd been gaining weight pretty consistently every year for the past decade. I hit my highest weight back in August before making a determined effort to get lighter again.  I just got tired of seeing myself in the mirror or in pictures, not feeling like that was me I was looking at.  Tired of climbing hills on my bike and always being the last one to the top.  Tired of being tired. Well, that was 40 pounds ago.
It’s been more than ten years since I weighed less than 200, but I’m finally there! This is a really pivotal moment for me, one that I've waited to see happen for some time.  It’s taken a lot of commitment and patience.  Oh, and bags of snap peas...they’re my “candy.”

Still got a ways to go to meet the goal.  I'd sure be a lot closer to it if I could just find that old scale...


steelhead125 said...

Way to go skinny guy! I am a daily runner.And I hate running,really.But I manage to stay lean by simply running every day,and eating good cake.I too,love coffee,and I drink 5 cups a day.Sometimes I drink it in the middle of the night!Ahhhh,Javaaaah.Kelly,what is your favorite brew?Take care! Joey

Kelly Carlisle said...

Hey Curly Brother,
I'm glad to know you still run. I'm sure you're a lean, fast machine! I..."run" too. It's not pretty.
So, do you know about Tico's Coffee? He's a roaster in Stayton. It's what some of the best local shops in Salem serve.
When I'm at Starbucks, it's usually the Sumatra blend.
How about your favorite?

Jessica said...

WOW!! Way to go! I also need to drop about 40-50 lbs... having children takes it's tole on a body. (As do the chicken nuggets and fries! LOL!) I turn 30 this year and have discovered it's a lot harder to take off the pounds than it was 5 year ago... gggrrrrr.

Kelly Carlisle said...

I'm tellin' ya, it's all about the snap peas! I think they're less calories than it takes to chew and digest them. :) Yes, it's a lot harder to lose weight as we get older. But, getting older does still beat the alternative! :)

Jessica said...

There aren't a whole lot of veggies I don't like... snap peas are one of them. Brussel sprouts are another. I'd rather eat celery or cukes. Now if it would just stop raining so I can go outside and work in my yard, go for walks or ride my bike!

Kelly Carlisle said...

Stop raining...okay, I'll see what I can do about that!