Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Very First Guest Blogger: Zoey!

Hey Friends,
Zoey agreed to share her story about learning to ride on two wheels. Yay, Zoey! She's my first official Guest Blog Writer, and she wins a blue ribbon for her entry. Let's congratulate her!  
Please share your comments, either on the blog, or on FB!  

Last Saturday I learned how to ride my bike without my training wheels.  First I put on a helmet and started to ride my bike.  I had to learn how to balance and steer, but now I am really good at steering and balancing.  I can ride my bike for a long time.  I can turn around on the road without stopping.  At first my grandpa, my daddy and my Uncle Jordy and my mom helped me start off, and then they let go.  I didn't even know, so I balanced my way until I learned how to ride my bike without training wheels.  It is important to put on your helmet and maybe if you are not used to it, put on knee pads and elbow pads so you will be really safe.  Please watch for cars in the road if you are riding in the road.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zoey-

Thanks for sharing your story! It took me a lot longer than a day to learn how to ride a bike when I was your age. Good job! I hope to see you out riding soon.

Your friend,

Jessica said...

Way to go Zoey! Learning to balance and steer is something you'll use throughout your whole life! Good work!