Monday, June 7, 2010

To A Brand New Cyclist

Dear Zoey,
Congratulations on learning to ride on two wheels all by yourself!  That is wonderful news.  Your grandmother told me all about it at work today, and she tells me that once you did it, you rode and rode and rode for a long time!  I’m also very glad to hear that you had a helmet on. That’s important to do, every time you get on your bicycle!
I was wondering if you’d like to share your story of how learned to ride on two wheels.  If you’d like, I’ll put it on the blog for other bike riders to read. Or you could draw a picture. That would make all of us smile, because even though we’re older than you, we all remember that feeling when we first learned.
So, you are invited to share your story, and be my first-ever guest blog writer! 
Ride on, Zoey!

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