Friday, June 4, 2010

The Nest Is Definitely Not Empty.

She looks up from her book and sees both parents are staring right at her.
“What?!” She wants to know.
Sorry, kiddo, that’s what happens when you’re the only birdie left in the nest.  With both brothers gone most the time, we’ve got nothing better to do and you’ve got nowhere to hide. 
The youngest of our trio, Nat has not been bitten by the cycling bug...yet.  And she has no use for coffee. Wow.  Are we really related? Most assuredly...Nat is a singer, and loves singing with choirs. Something I’ve had a bit of experience doing myself.  So it’s fun to turn the tables and become the spectator while my kid is the performer.
Nat’s finding her voice, not only in music but in life. She’s suddenly got opinions about everything...hmmmm...that sort of coincided with becoming a teen.  Like, at the stroke of midnight on her birthday.  This kid’s a voracious reader, an accomplished young writer, and loves to share what she’s learning. She’s not loud, but there’s a boldness to what she’s all about.  Just like the walls in her bedroom.  Sorta makes you think of a highlighter pen.  Being her dad is one of the great joys of my life, and I'm lucky to have such a great kid for a daughter.
She’s definitely her own person, but I’m still optimistic about getting her to love riding bikes. 
I’m open to suggestions.

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