Thursday, June 3, 2010


I miss T-Bone already...all over again. We got to see him for a grand total of four days last weekend before he hopped on a plane to Colorado for the summer.  He’s going to be on staff at a church camp there. As a day camp counselor, it was always easy to spot where T-Bone was, because there were usually kids piling on top of him like a human bean bag chair.  He’s going to be in his element working with children and youth, staying active and enjoying the outdoors, talking about God and stuff. If he remembers to come back at the end of the summer, he’ll return for a week and then it will be time for his second year in college. That's him in the picture, allowing me to finish cramming his "treasures" from his dorm room (an experience I'm not going to repeat).
Anybody who knows T-Bone would have a hard time finding a more fun and sincere person. “Zest” is a good word to describe him: he is goofy and spontaneous, creative, collaborative, a dreamer, and an experiential learner. He’s eclectic: he likes shopping at Goodwill as much as REI, listens to Jack Johnson and then Louis Armstrong, dreams of becoming a Disney Imagineer and marrying Emma Watson. He loves to be active and gets a little antsy if there’s not something cool happening 24/7. As a little guy, he always hated missing out on anything interesting.  That's never changed. He’s a great big brother and little brother, an awesome son, and as true a friend as you’d ever find.  
Kinda sounds like the counselor I’d want leading my cabin...enjoy, summer campers!

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Mary said...

It's a wonderful thing to feel like, even if they weren't your kids, you'd want to know them. Congrats on a job well done, sir!