Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pollen Time!

This one goes out to all y’all with allergies to pollen. The lush green grasses we enjoy here bring a cost, and you're probably feeling it right now. Between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July is when grass pollen counts are at their highest, and here in the Willamette Valley it’s an off-the-charts season.  

Like, really off the charts. According to today’s article in the local paper,  Eugene hit 990 particles per cubic meter of air last week (200 is considered high).
I hope everybody who suffers with allergies can find some relief. It can be an absolutely miserable, debilitating experience.  My own allergies (and asthma) used to be in the “epic” category, but these latest prescriptions seem to be doing the trick completely.  It’s unbelievable actually.  For the first June in my lifetime, I am outdoors breathing easy and not sneezing.  All the riding I'm doing through the countryside used to be unthinkable.

I promise I'll never take this for granted.

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