Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Setback for Steve-O

I sent Steve-O a text message this morning about this great bike ride I had just taken.  At the same time he was hearing the doctor tell him his shoulder has a grade 3 separation.  It happened this morning on the Springwater Trail.  Front wheel got sucked down into the void of a train track and it threw him over the handlebars. not good.
Adding insult to injury, literally, in today’s mail he received the registration packet for the Seattle-To-Portland.  This is the double-century event we’ve been planning and training for, and it’s just three weeks away. We’ll see what this does to those plans. Maybe if the doctor allows it, we’ll do part of the ride, or take a tandem together. I’d rather do that than go solo, if it's a possibility. If not, we'll find another ride to do together. One thing’s for sure: whenever we sign up for a ride event, we end up with a memorable story.  And of course, a headwind.
Here’s to a quick recovery, my friend. Stay strong.

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Jessica said...

What a bummer! Praying for a quick recovery.