Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Time To Heal

Steve-O keeps himself in excellent shape because he’s a disciplined rider; he comes home from long days at work and unwinds on the bike, either on his trainer or out on the road. On weekends he'll get to the yardwork after he's done his 50 mile ride. Unfortunately, it’s going to take more time to heal up from the end-over he did two weeks ago. He got banged up pretty badly from it. Talking with him last night on the phone, I could hear the frustration in his voice.  He’s no wimp--if this was just about pain he’d be out on his bike right now, preparing to kick my behind on our next climb. Injury is very different than pain, however, and this is just going to take some time for his body to mend.
Anybody would want Steve-O as a riding partner. He has a super sense of humor, wants to share the big and small things of life, and likes to push himself on the pedals. I can’t describe what it is exactly, but getting a little bike time with Steve-O is just good medicine for the soul. I hate the thought of him being sidelined. I know it has to be tough for him to let go of riding the STP.
The beauty of living in Oregon is, there’s always a “next ride.”  I’ll look forward to that. And I know that the minute he gets back on the bike, he'll be living on the large chainring.
Here's to our next headwind, buddy!

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RCMC467 said...

I hope he's recovering well.