Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Sting Rays Ruled

This past weekend we got together with some family members up in Washington.  My brother-in-law, who loves all things from back in the 60’s, is a bit of a collector from that era.  He pulled out one of his prized possessions, a Schwinn “Pea Picker” Stingray that used to belong to his brother.

Man, just seeing that bike took me back forty years, when all of us kids in the neighborhood ruled the world on our bikes...poppin’ wheelies, making little ramps and jumps, perpetually skinning our knees, and drinking water from the garden hose.

These bikes were not only indestructible, they changed your image and status. If your ride had a banana seat with the sissy bar, the 5-speed shifter, and those sweet chrome fenders, you were 10% cooler than any other kid on the block.

Just to be clear, I was one of those "other" kids.


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