Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All For Knot

I've had a knotty problem lately...it's my shoelaces. They don't like to stay tied when I'm running. I tie them snugly before I leave the house, but eventually they work themselves loose. I stop my run, re-tie them, get my not-so-svelt frame chugging forward again, and run awhile longer until the problem repeats itself. Uff da. 

I found an interesting video on the Runner's World website. So-o-o...I'm going to give this a try...that is, if I can un-learn the way I’ve tied my shoes for the past 45 years. I'll keep you in the loop on how it goes.


Tina said...

if that doesn't work for you, I'll have to show you how Tyson ties his shoes. A trick he taught me when we were hiking once because my hiking boot laces NEVER stay tied. And you can pull it to get it undone, just like a regular knot.

Jessica said...

Sounds like you need a "mommy" to come tie your shoes. We have that problem all the time, but with the five-year-olds. ; ) I have become a master at the double knot!