Monday, October 4, 2010


Nat and I were up in Stumptown yesterday, and among other things we did there, we joined a throng of spectators at the Cross Crusade event at Alpenrose.  

Remember riding your bike as a kid? Endless hours in the vacant lot down the street...mud and grass stains on the knees of your jeans, a band-aid on each elbow, and a ramp that you and your friends made out of scrapwood you found somewhere. Yeah, well, that kind of riding grew up, bigtime. But the fun didn't go away. It’s turned into its own kind of sport, and it’s popularity growing faster than facebook at a middle school. There are so many challenges, obstacles, and technical aspects to this kind of racing, it’s highly interactive. Being there to watch, you could quickly see why this sport is so wildly popular with people who have always loved their bikes.  

The pictures don't show it so well, but there were over 1,700 riders and about as many spectators there yesterday. Vendors, bike mechanics, and various other dudes and dudettes were there just to be a part of the scene.  We only knew one person there. Beth is the rider on the right in the lower picture, and is a long-time friend of mine (we were both part of the PSU music scene in the 80’s). It was fun to cheer her on.
Nat really seemed to enjoy being able to stand so close to the riders on the course, seeing their faces as they hammered by.  When we finally headed back to the car, her comment was: “ much spandex...”  

I resemble that remark.


Heather said...

You know Beth? I KNOW BETH!

I hope you try Cross Crusade someday, it's one of the only races I always look forward to attending, because I know soooo many participants!


KC said...

Very cool, Heather! I'm enjoying the little snippets of information I'm getting about life up in the Couve. I don't know about trying cyclocross myself...but watching it was loads of fun!

bikelovejones said...

Um, I'm the Beth in the photo, and I know something like FIVE different Heathers. Can't figure out which one that one is.
(To be fair, the Heather in question may know several Beths, too.) Which one ARE you please?

Kelly -- I'm glad you liked what you saw. Salem Bike Club and/or Capitol Velo (both in your fair city) can probably turn you onto the local cross scene, where if you wanted, they could teach you how it all works. It's crazy and fun, and a nice change from all those long, scenic rambles in the countryside. Just a thought for next year...

Jessica said...

HAHA! Love Natalie's comment! As long as we all understand that spandex is a privilege NOT a right.

bikelovejones said...

I would say that spandex is akin to drag -- risk-taking, living theater.
There was LOTS of drama at Alpenrose.

Heather said...

Sorry Beth, it's me, HA who is currently languishing in BC with The Pea. And I just left a comment on one of your photos about knowing KC here. : )

Heather said...

Flickr! Flickr photos! I'm really not intentionally being vague, I swear.