Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Words In The Clouds

Yesterday I learned a new term: "Wordle." This website lets you create your own wordle--basically a word cloud--in about 20 seconds. You can take any body of text, or just plug in your favorite web address, and it will create a wordle based on words most frequently used. There's a lot of creativity allowed on colors, font, shapes, etc. Cool, eh? 

Anyway, here's what happened when I plugged in my own blog address. Clearly, I'm not talking enough about coffee...but I seem to really dig air and trees. Hmm.



Jessica said...

This is awesome! One of our preachers used it a couple weeks ago and plugged in Psalm 37. It was a great way to show what the main point of the Psalm was. Being an asthsmatic, I think it's appropriate that one of your most used words is "air". Just sayin'.

KC said...

Go figure--air! :)
I think wordles could have some really cool applications in church or a Bible study sometime.
Or, the 1040 tax form from the IRS.
Wow, was that kinda random?

Jessica said...

LOL! Completely random, but it would be interesting wouldn't it?