Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things Cool People Do

I love reading about things that cool people do. Cool people find ways to improve other people's lives. I just found a timely example on another local bike blog, "Breakfast On Bikes." I'm happy to forward it on as well. If you're within shoutin' distance to Salem, this announcement applies to you!

It doesn't take us long to imagine the challenges a young adult faces, transitioning from foster care, taking one more step toward personal independence. This kind of transition can't be easy. Having the freedom and mobility that come with owning a bicycle would certainly be a huge help.  Cool people are seeing to it that this happens.

Wanna be cool? Yeah, me too! If you have usable, fixable bikes, bring them down to the Bike Peddler Saturday morning (December 4) between 10am and noon.  Also, let's bring helmets, locks, and monetary donations.


MLove said...

My friend and former student, Chad Berkley, works with that program. I wonder if you've ever run across him.

Kelly C said...

Marianne-I've not met Chad, but I'll keep an eye out for him. Salem's still small enough that over time you get to know everybody.
So....snow, huh? And lots of it, apparently. Nancy talked with Janel last night. Sounds like a real winter wonderland in Sandpoint.
I'm enjoying your blog!

MLove said...

Chad lives in Portland, so I guess it's probably a different biking activity. Great cause.

Yes, I've been listening to the rumblings off the roof all morning AND praying that the doggies stay away from that area 'til it all slides off.