Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cats and Dogs

Rain, rain, and more rain for as far as the radar can see. What’s an Oregonian to do when forecasters tell us we’re here stuck here the “rinse cycle” for a while? Get outside, of course!  
Leave the umbrella in the car. Leave the car behind. Take a walk, a run, a ride. Stop avoiding getting wet and instead, get really, really wet! Look up and let the rain pelt your face. Instead of stepping around the puddles, stomp in ‘em. Go for it.
We only need to look beyond the windshield wipers to see that there are people already doing this. Joggers, riders, people out on a walk in the soaking rain. We ought to take our inspiration from these intrepid folks who are out there commuting on bikes and riding for fitness in this stuff. Bravo!  
For those of us who need a little more prodding--and yes, I am one who usually does--allow me to share my own “pep talk” talking points.
I should ride in the rain because:
It’s invigorating.  The senses come alive, and you feel more alive, when you’re interacting with the elements outdoors.
Duh. Because it’s raining. It shouldn’t be about “whether to ride,” but instead, “ride in all weather.”
Rooster tails. When it’s really soggy outside and you’re zipping along, you can create some nice water arcs off your back wheel!

I need the physical activity.  It's not good to stay indoors and be less active. Get outside and move and breathe.
It makes the coffee afterwards that much better. Come indoors after a ride grab a mug, and warm up. Nothing quite like that feeling.
Then, of course, it's time to start planning for the next outing.


Jessica said...

Love the pic!
I'm sitting here trying to talk myself into getting up and doing just that. My feet are cold and I want to cuddle on the couch with my book though. I can always find an excuse...

Donn said...

another reason: Prejudice! You know how, when you go for a nice run or ride, and the back of your shirt gets all sweaty because the air you are running/riding into cools your front? What a waste of half a shirt. Get the front wet from rain. I call it "equal opportunity wet". Just doin' my part for social justice by running in the rain.