Thursday, December 9, 2010


I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming, but it’s too late now.  It’s “game over,” folks. I am defenseless when it comes to cookies, especially the soft, chewy ones that go so well with a good cup of coffee. You know what I mean--look outside at the cold, sideways rain, and tell me that it doesn’t make you want to find a good warm cookie and stare out the window.
So here’s my problem.  It’s Nat.
I was doing just fine until Mrs. C started teaching her a few tricks with baking. Now, I'm doomed. 

She’s an outstanding cookie maker. Not just good, but more like, best-molasses-cookie-I’ve-ever-had-in-my-lifetime cookie maker. 

Sorry Mom...she wins.  Starbucks, you know I’m there for you, but I’ll take one of Nat’s cookies over yours any day.  Mrs. C, you have created a protégé here and I most sincerely thank you. 
And now, friends, you know my problem. I worked very hard to lose a lot of weight last year--almost 50 pounds--but when I see Nat’s cookies come out of the oven, I don’t even care. A warm, soft, molasses cookie made by Nat pairs well with several things:
    a) A glass of milk
    b) A cup of coffee
    c) Another molasses cookie
      d) All of the above!
My only chance at keeping the weight off: limited production.


Jessica said...

You're KILLING me! I may drive down there and knock on your door and ask if I can trade cookies for caramel corn. I LOVE molasses cookies! Those look SO good too.

Kelly Carlisle said...

You may want to leave the car behind and run here instead, since you've become a running machine! That way, you can have all the cookies you want! Of course, she only makes one at a time. :)

Jessica said...

I would totally fight you for it too! Of course, after running 40+ miles to Salem, I might not have the energy to fight. LOL!

Dickens' Ghost said...

Just read this post! Congrats on loosing 50 pounds! That is AWESOME! I have recently lost over 40 by getting back on my bike again. I bet you feel like a new person!

Cookies (and brownies) are my kryptonite also. I just figure I can have one once in awhile, but your strategy of insisting on "one off" handmade production is the real way to go about it...!

Enjoying your blog,