Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learn As You Go

First Anniversary-1984

You learn things being attached to the same person for many years. As Mrs. C and I celebrated our 28th anniversary Saturday, I pondered some of the things I have learned over the years:

In our earliest years together, I learned not to say dumb things, like: “That’s not how my mom mixes the orange juice.” 

Another dumb thing you don’t do as a newlywed is say, “I love you," and then call her by the wrong name...yeah, that was not good.

Later, I learned to become handy around the house...unfortunately that still didn’t mean I had any common sense. For instance, assembling the crib for your firstborn is really special, but you should always do so in the nursery, not the living room. That way you don’t have to take the whole thing apart and start all over to make it fit through the nursery doorway.  Mmm hmm.

Twenty-eighth Anniversary-2011
Over the course of our marriage, I did get a little smarter. I'd look at her calendar to see when she had a hair appointment. That way, I could compliment her new look when she walked through the door, even if I wasn't sure exactly what the hairdresser did. That strategy worked, at least until that time her appointment fell through. That experience taught me not to compliment a new hairstyle if there’s nothing new about it. Oops.

The list could go on and on. I’ve amassed so many of these stories, it sort of makes me wonder why she’s kept me around for so long. I could have been set out with the recycling a long time ago.

Well, whatever it is, I’m grateful that she still laughs at my dumb jokes, and that we like doing things with and for each other, and that she still has the grace to see beyond all my faults.

And how cool that she’s riding again! We had a great time together on the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. Quiet country roads, cool dry weather. Okay, the flat tire wasn’t so great, but it wasn’t all that big a deal, either.

Having an anniversary and a Father’s Day on the same weekend is pretty special.  It gives me a chance to say how much I appreciate our kids and my dad. 

I’m at that point in my life when I have those “out of body experiences” where it startles me when I hear myself say things to my kids, and I sound just like my dad.

And that proves that indeed, I have learned a thing or two.


The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said...

Some of those were doozies! I feel that people that are able to make their marriage work and enjoy it for as long as you have should receive some kind of award and recognition since it seems to be such a rarity now-a-days. :) Keep on keepin' on!

Flats are never a good thing. And on the back tire, too!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad to have good examples of strong marriages these days. Thanks for showing us "newbies" that marriage really can work and be a beautiful thing! Congrats on your 28 years together, it's a huge thing!