Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have found that bike rides with friends are perfect for pun sharing. Occasionally you have to lighten the conversation with your riding partner. You know, interrupt the talk about substantive things, and just bust out a pun. Feel free to add this little gem to your repertoire. My dad shared it with me, now I'm paying it forward.

An avalanche brought two large rocks together in a ravine.  So close that they were touching. Both rocks were painfully shy, and mortified at the thought of initiating a conversation with the other one. It took centuries before they could even acknowledge each other’s presence. But there was a special attraction between the two. Each one waited desperately for the other to say something, and so it went for a very, very long time.
When one rock finally gathered up the courage to say something, they started to converse together. A wonderful relationship ensued and they became a couple.  Now, blissfully happy, their only regret was looking back on all the lost years they could have enjoyed, if only they had not succumbed to their shyness for so long.
Soon it became apparent to the two rocks that a little one was on the way! The shy couple prayed that their baby would be a little boulder.


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