Sunday, September 23, 2012

Leaving The List At Home

There is something about fall that is restorative.  Nature brings a new rhythm and inspiration to us as we notice the changes of this season.

I’d thought about staying inside this afternoon to take care of part of the “to-do list” around the house. That would have been nice, I suppose. I’m glad that I forced myself out of the house and onto the bike instead.

For two hours I pedaled through the long shadows of the late afternoon, on a freshly paved road that was smooth and quiet as I rolled. 

I pedaled hard, but stopped a few times to notice things, like these apples.

I could have taken a few things off the list at home and used up what energy I had left today. Even though the bike ride was strenuous, it gave more energy than it took.  

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B+ said...

Perfect! This is my way of approaching cycling! I, too, had a delightful time over this weekend, and today seemed a golden day to be out on the bike. Thanks for the enjoyable post.