Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Will They Think Of Next?

While exploring the edges of the internet, I discovered this really cool retro website. You can 
peek back a few decades and see the things that were innovative for their time. Some pretty crazy inventions, and some others you will recognize. Clearly, this particular idea took!
By the way, this is a good time for those of us who ride to take an inventory of our lights, flashers, and reflectors. Do a test run in the dark and have somebody see how well you show up.  Front, back, and sides. You want a bright headlight that keeps you from bumping into things, and makes you visible to oncoming traffic. Lots of folks are using a helmet-mounted setup, which helps to keep your handlebars free.You need red flashers behind you, and plenty of reflection all around so that folks in cars can see you from a distance.  With less daylight, as well as the upcoming change in weather, it’s time to shine!


bikelovejones said...

Don't forget the Sam Browne:


Less weight than a vest but VERY bright. Compliments the leg bands nicely. Heightens the dork-factor that sets serious bike commuters apart from the rest of the crowd.

Kelly Carlisle said...

This is a seriously cool upgrade for those of us who like to get our geek on. I didn't know about these, but I'm going to get one. I'll be the envy of...somebody somewhere...maybe. Who cares--I'm gettin' it! Thanks for the suggestion!