Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live Out Loud!

Had a nice short run today on the West Loop, including getting up Lone Oak without slowing down. It makes me think I'll meet or exceed my goal to run the 4-mile Hilly Loop in the neighborhood, nonstop, next weekend. Today was a bonus because of the weather! A run in the sunshine is pretty awesome. But my real secret weapon today had to be the music of "Intervision" on my ipod.

This is a local Portland band that's making a lotta good noise. The band's lead singer, Paul Creighton, was one of the many great students I had the privilege of knowing when I was teaching music. The students I taught are all adults now, and they continue to inspire me today with the things they are doing and who they have become.

Seriously, my all-time favorite tune for running is Intervision's "Live Out Loud." Everybody should have this on one of their playlists. Paul's soaring vocals and the band's trademark tight and twisted harmonies make me run better, and that's no easy task! You can hear this tune (and others) by going to: Crank it up.

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